In His Own Words - Messianic Insights Into the Hebrew Alphabet by L. Grant Luton

This book is a most amazing and intriguing book that opens the door to the inner meanings of these ancient letters. 

This book will take you on a fascinating journey through territory that has, until now, remained unexplored by Christian theologians. The author demonstrates how the  spiritual meanings of these Hebrew letters are connected to various New Testament truths. 

You will discover how the Hebrew alphabet illustrates the Gospel story, how each letter contains lessons concerning positive and negative traits, why some letters letters in the Hebrew Bible are printed backwards, upside down, or undersized, or in one case broken in half! 

In the companion book In His Own Words-Student Guide you will learn how to refine the concepts that Mr. Luton introduces. Our ability to grasp these concepts will increase as we ponder the ancient lessons God would teach us through His biblical alphabet.